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Ernest W. Stone
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A Brief History:

Born in Bremerhaven Germany, 1959 to a military family. My Father, a survivor of the Bataan Death March, was a Yeoman in the US Navy. My Mother a German citizen. As a teen, she too endured the brutal hardships of WWII.

This was a recipe for an interesting upbringing to say the least. I learned about prejudice, perspective and endurance from people who could explain it best. Sadly, both of my parents have joined our Maker over the past few years. Their legacy lives on and their story begs retelling again and again.

I have lived in New York, Rhode Island, Iowa, Maine, Arizona, Missouri and of course Minnesota. I have resided in Red Wing since May of 1999 and God willing, I plan to let my roots grow here for a long, long time.

Go ahead, bring on the Iowa jokes, I have heard them all...

I am genuine and I am serious. I have no grand political aspirations, but have been politically involved for quite some time. Always learning and constantly striving to be a better person.

I will work hard to earn your trust and equally hard to earn your vote.

Why Am I Running?

  • I have spent a lot of time and energy talking to the City Council. If you agree with their tax and spend ideology, you have their attention. If folks like myself suggest we stop all the new projects and focus on the essential needs of the community, I get no response. It is time the citizens of Red Wing appoint a council member that will listen to the them first!

What I will do:

  • I promise to vote in favor of expenditures only for essential needs of Red Wing.
  • We need to become a City that leads in State and Federal reforms. The idea of asking for our tax money back so we can improve our City's infrastructure infuriates me. To add to the insult, the State will imply guidelines as to how the money is spent. This only leads to "new projects" while our existing structures crumble. 
  • Transparency in our government. I would like to see a comprehensive plan open and readily visible. Budgets and expenditures itemized in understandable language.
  • Accountability in government. We have a very well paid administration overseeing a struggling community with many problems and empty store fronts.  

My Slogan:

Red Wing Deserves Better!

  • We have all heard the statement, "Throwing good money at bad". Those coined phrases, idioms and stories of virtue have held for centuries for good reason. They are true and of good reason. The simplest approach is volunteerism. Another is joining a club in our community that holds true to your values. Those two combined will be a great tool to involve Red Wing's youth. As implied, this slogan is not of me or of you, rather a conception of community as a whole. We pull together for the common good. Collectively we make this a better more healthy community. By living and working smart, we reduce needs, spending and taxes. We then obtain expendable income. This will attract new residents and business. This is a true combination of want and need that works.     

My Profession:

  • I am the Maintenance Lead at Gemini, Inc. located in Cannon Falls, MN. We have plants throughout the country, in Canada and in Mexico as well. I get my hands dirty on a daily basis, sometimes I'm knee deep in it. My forte is electronic troubleshooting. This is why I say, "A working class candidate for the working class people."
  • I firmly believe the foundation my parents set created a focused, hard working and proud technical service provider. Decoded, I love fixing broken things and meeting people's needs.

Yes, I wear overalls while working. Some may laugh, but you must admit they are practical. I can carry 16 tools, cell phone, notebook and a dangerously sharp carbon transfer device.

Assume nothing, prepare for anything.

The time for talking is done. The problems exist due to poor leadership. Raising taxes is the answer? Please, it's time to apply common sense to all the issues. Let's work together and make Red Wing more attractive than ever.

If you like my ideas and willing to favor me your support, please talk to your friends and neighbors about the possibilities I offer. Direct them to this web site as well. If you would be so kind as to sport a sign of mine in your yard, just send me an email or give me a call!

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        My name is Ernie Stone and I ask for your Vote!

I built and paid for this site. I take full responsibility for the content and stand by it's accuracy.                                      

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