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This is a list of my beliefs. I am solely responsible for them.

My Vision for Red Wing -

My goal is to leave the City Council in four years having Red Wing be a better place. I know I can't do it alone. I will need the help of folks like you. I strongly believe focusing on the essential needs of Red Wings residents, reducing the cost of services and lowering the tax burden will have the greatest return. Enough spending trying to draw in tourism. Tourism is the reality of a cities beauty and history. Word of mouth will bring more visitors than any four color fancy folded brochure.   

The Size of Government -

It would be prudent to take a close look at the shape of our City's management. My thoughts which are backed by may people I have spoken with, there are too many managers and not enough City employees. The salaries of the Administration and staff are way out of proportion with the work force. Sitting around talking about what could be is less effective that getting out on the streets to maintain this beautiful City. The most frustrating aspect is that the highest paid, with the greatest authority are appointed officials. I have no delusions that I can change this, but ask yourself, why wouldn't we vote this person into office?

New Projects -

All first need to pass the litmus test of Cost and Effect. The exceptions being essential needs. Arguably, a new firehouse West of town is at the top of the list.
I would suggest no more conversation on civic centers, bike paths or new sidewalks until the safety of the residents and fast response time are insured. 

Future Energy -

  • Short answer, Government should to stay out it.
  • The long answer, solar and wind are great subsidies, but what about a reliable main grid? It is very likely within 20 years the PI reactor will have out lived it's life. GEN IV plants are being built outside the US today. Another benefit of the GEN IV is they will burn our current plant's waste down to near zero waste. The problem is, they are expensive to build. If the need is safe, sustainable, low environmental impact and reliable electricity, then the new generation of nuclear plants need to be considered.
  • The reason wind farms and solar gardens are of such high priority, is not efficiency, but rather it is mandated by the Government that they must to be built.I ask you to take the time to research the amount of industrial waste is produced manufacturing solar panels and what are we doing with the panels as they fail?

Climate Change -

Yes, I believe climate change is a reality. Not to minimize the cause and effect of humans, but there are far greater forces that have changed this world's climate in the past and will do so again in the future. The Sun goes through solar cycles that we only think we understand. A massive volcanic event will have worldwide life changing effects that are immediate and last for years. Now we are learning the increasing amount of corn fields have a direct effect on higher humidity levels. To be clear, I know the difference between climate and weather. If you believe that climate change is the direct cause and effect of humans, I trust you understand the Coriolis Effect and the unpredictable jet stream. Quite frankly, mankind can not resolve religious or boarder disputes without further devastation. We can't seem to manage world peace or hunger yet there are those who think we can control the climate. It is up to the individual to be responsible. It is up to you and me to do the right thing. In the meantime, recognize a beautiful day and seize it! All the while, keep in mind, that we do not have the right to live on this fragile planet. It is a gift that we need to examine at every level. We have before us a challenge that everyone is responsible for. Try as they may, governments, committees, and certainly no city council can change what has been done. We certainly can't legislate change. We certainly can't legislate China's actions nor India's.