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My Dog

So what about my dog?

I am a dog lover and none more than Otto. Some say cats make better pets, but I argue it's the dog. After a tough day at the office, nothing can bring purpose back to your life faster than the wildly wagging tail of your dog. Next requirement is taking Otto for a run. No place better than in the bluffs here in Red Wing. We visit the top of Memorial Park almost everyday - year round. Truly a gem in Red Wing! Yes Otto, but the bluffs too.

Otto the HunterMeet Otto
An eight year old blue Weimaraner. Trained with both voice and hand commands. Otto is the smartest dog in the whole wide world. If you think differently, you're itchin' for a fight. 

Puppy Pic....Otto was a puppy once. The best puppy that ever was.

Frisby.... a master at catching the Frisbee.Think he's going to miss it? Not a chance. Otto possesses a laser focus second to none.

You may wonder, why so much about his dog. Well, as I stated, I'm a dog lover and Red Wing is a great City to be a dog owner. Especially for those breeds that need to run! Some of the best places to walk and run dogs is right here in Red Wing. I have met some of the nicest folks while walking Otto. One of many reasons to explore Red Wing! One of many reasons to live in Red Wing!